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Reflecting on 2018

Hey guys, Happy New Year! I can't believe it's already 2019, where has the time gone...
If you didn't already know, Dan and I started vlogging a couple of months ago so a lot of my attention has been going towards my YouTube channel. Unfortunately Dan and I are both sick so we won't be vlogging for a little while, which gives me the perfect opportunity to focus on my blog!

In this blog post I want to reflect on 2018, which undoubtably has been the best year of my life (so far, 2019 is going to be even better yet). It was a year where I tried a lot of new things and grew as a person, I had a lot of new experiences and did a lot of things for the first time.

1. I met Dan on the last day of 2017 and from then on we were inseparable in 2018, I can thank him for a lot of the new experiences I had last year and for helping me grow so much as a person. Thank you for believing in me, for supporting me and for celebrating my accomplishments with me last year.

(first photo taken…

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