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Skin Care

I purposely haven't edited this photo because I wanted you to see how my skin actually is.
Hey guys! I get a lot of questions about my skin and the products I use so I wanted to do a blogpost to let you know all of you my tips and tricks on how I keep my skin clear (most of the time).

Drink PLENTY of water. I think this is one of the biggest things that has helped me keep my skin clear. It's also a good habit to have as we're supposed to drink at least 8 cups of water a day.

Change your pillow case regularly if you are more prone to acne.

Don’t wash your face. I've tried several cleansers that irritated my skin because they strip the natural oils from my face which makes my face produce more oil which causes impurities. This tip may be an unpopular one but it definitely works for me.

Have a couple of days a week make up free to let your skin breath.

Stick to one brand of skin care. Skin care brands make their products to work with each other so choose a brand yo…

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