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TAUPO 2019

Hey guys! I hope you're all doing well, recently Dan and I went on a weekend trip to Taupo (New Zealand) and I really enjoyed it and wanted to share with you with you what we did.

We woke up Saturday morning and went for brunch at The Coffee Club which was super yummy. Then we went and played mini golf at Taupo Mini Golf and I actually won! Then Dan and I drove to Turangi and played another round of mini golf at Adventure Mini Golf and Dan won, like he usually does... Then we drove to Mt. Ruapehu and I got to see the snow which was amazing! Dan and I had a snowball fight and then I slipped over in the snow... Fun! Haha.

Then we drove home and got Maccas for dinner and watched movies until we fell asleep. 
We woke up Sunday morning and packed up all of our stuff, then we went to Maccas and got a $1 hot chocolate. We then walked around town for a little bit and ended up stopping in at Robert Harris Cafe where we shared bacon and eggs for breakfast.

After breakfast we decided to go f…

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